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Feb. 2021 Front Cover Contest

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108 thoughts on “Feb. 2021 Front Cover Contest

  1. My 4th entry is a tweaked version of my 3rd. I made the lips and hair a little brighter, the eyes a little lighter and tried to take the picture in better light the dress designs are really dark teal like in the dark areas of the background. But i could not get that color to come through no matter how I took the picture.

    1. Annemarie, please read about the contest above. If you just want to color it then please do not download the files. Downloading the files means you agree to post at least one of the four into the contest before it ends. There is a button to press if you agree.

      1. Hi Kimberly- It says it’s 99kb…I am computer illiterate…I don’t know if that is too large, but I know this is the size of the other pics I post on FB…I just can’t seem to post it here. I don’t know how to edit my comment it to try it that way either…and to top it off my computer keeps crashing.

        1. Carolyn, I am sorry to say that this entry has been disqualified. Adding things to the page makes it your design and not Laura’s. Please resubmit without added thingys. I love it but we can use it as your design. Hope you understand.

  2. Sorry if I’m hitting the button too many times I’m trying to open it in the browser so I can get the right size of the picture. It’s not letting me save the photo to my pictures when I touch the picture I don’t get the usual choice to save it. Trying!

  3. WoW! I just saw that I will be on the back cover🤗🤗🤗I am so happy. Can’t wait to see the pact of 10 And I also can’t wait to see the full book … I like this kind of image🤩
    Thank’s so much💞💖💞and Happy Valentine💞💖💞


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